A few pics of the 1975 Hobo Houseboat. 

It's an 1975 18' Hobo that I'm the 2nd owner of and bought it off Ebay in August of 2005.  Originally it had a 1975 3-cylinder 70 HP Johnson and had sat for years.  I had the transom replaced and mounted the 1986 90 HP Johnson on it that I had grown up skiing behind on our family's boat.  The Johnson still runs awesome and the compression is between 118 and 122 on all cylinders last I checked it probably 3 years or so ago.  We had removed the oil injection years ago so you have to mix the oil now but it's not a problem for me and everyone I talk to says it's be the best way to go with these engines anyways.  It's the fastest Hobo on the Chain as it beats Gary's by about 1 or 2 MPH and will easily get on plane with 6 people in it.

After replacing the transom we mounted the composite wood under the sides with stainless screws and then screwed on a rubber handrail from an escalator with stainless screws. We did this first on our friend Gary's Hobo and it's really awesome both for looks and functionality.  Since the handrail is steel belted even you're really going to have to hit something hard to do any damage compared to the cheap rubrail these originally had.

We also refinished the interior with new wood and relaminated the countertops in a nice blue and black color laminate.  There's a small back table for the dinette that is not shown in the pictures also.

The bottom sides are repainted in marine paint and are dark blue.  I had hoped to bottom paint the very bottom of it to make the algae easier to clean off but never got to that yet and haven't really had too much of a problem with growth anyways.

It does have a small 120 volt fridge which did work although a bit noisy.  Never used it but we left it and the sink and the propane burner intact.  I would probably replace the regulator and hose for the stove on the back if I were to ever use the burner.

The trailer is a bit rusty but still very solid.  When I bought it I had a dealership in Ohio wire it with all new lights, put all new tires on it, and replaced all the bearings.  It did originally have brakes on it but they removed those as they were shot from sitting for so long.  I pulled it back from Ohio with our friends Escalade and it pulled great.  I never have worried about registering it since it didn't have a title when I bought it.

So if someone who is a bit handy wants to tackle the rest of it (the hard parts are done) this is a really solid boat and although I'm going to miss it I just have too many projects and boats to begin with.

So here's what's left to do on it.  Unlike most sellers I don't just take and post the best picture I can take of it.  I want whoever buys it to know what they are getting and to love it as much as I do.

The top had been repainted and we put new graphics on it that looked awesome.  But when we repainted it we did a quick job and didn't worry about all of the little pinholes and such from it sitting so long.  So I decided to repaint it and have most of it sanded down and pinholes filled in but the very top still needs some work and then a good final coat of paint on it.  I probably would have left it all until our friend Don had his redone and the bright shinny white top looks so good on his.

In the long run I was going to replace the carpeting.  Although the 70's orange was kind of cool especially before I vinyl painted the green floral seats.

I was planning on redoing the inside seats.  One in the back is cracked pretty good and they don't look bad with the black vinyl paint I used to cover up the green floral original design but they are going to need to be redone sometime in the future.

And some more minor repairs like hinges and such on some of the inside doors depending on how someone decides they want to redo the seats.

Again I hate to see this go but I don't get back often enough to justify it and already have too many boats in Arizona that I don't get enough use out of.